Congratulations, you’ve built your sales funnel on a simple, single-sales basis. This is all well and good, but you are missing out on a potential big sales opportunity.

Think about it, 80% of people who buy from you will never buy from you again!

Instead of letting it all slip through your fingers, when someone is going through your site, this may be your only golden opportunity to offer relevant cross-sells to increase your AOV (Average Order Value).

What is an Upsell/Cross Sell?

Upsells are usually confused for Cross-Sells, but they are different.

An Upsell is offering someone a better and most probably a more expensive item which is similar to the one they are considering buying. Think of this as an upgrade.

A Cross Sell is offering the buyer complimentary products which are relevant at the point of purchase. This might be batteries for a toy, a protective case for a new phone or insurance for an electrical item.

You can also bundle up multiple items and sell at a lower price than that if sold at its individual price, for example, 3 for 2.

The beauty of Up-Selling and Cross-Selling is that it does not have to require a huge effort. It’s actually 50% easier to sell someone another product or service than going out to completely cold traffic and converting a sale. An increased order value means increased sales!

How to use Upselling/Cross-selling in Facebook ads

The best way to reach customers who have visited your website or bought from you in the past is good old retargeting!

Have you ever been to an online store looking for a particular product or service and then whether you go on the web, you see that item absolutely EVERYWHERE?

That’s retargeting! This can be done by using the data from Facebook Pixel which in essence records the traffic of users through your site and the actions they took.

If a visitor left your site before making a purchase, a dynamic ad can be created to show the items from your store which they may be interested in.

Pro tip: if you’re already using a product feed with Google, you can use your Google feed alongside your Facebook dynamic ads to further target your audience.

Another approach this is to put a list of your past buyers into segmented lists so you can target each list with the right offer.

As you already have data from past buyers, you can create a Custom Audiences by uploading an email list of buyers who have purchased a particular item from you and create an ad targeting those buyers with a complimentary purchase.

This is the perfect opportunity to remarket to your past customer if they bought a laptop, for example, and you offer laptop cases/bags, chargers or any other accessory.

You can also cleverly use the data of your customers buying behaviour in your store to upsell them. A great way to do this is to offer discounts or free gifts if they purchase from you again.

There are so many ways to increase the AOV of your customer which you need to be taking advantage of today.

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