If you’re an e-commerce or retail store owner who uses Facebook and/or Instagram ads and you’ve not yet tried Dynamic ads…


Take a pew and prepared for your mind to be blown!

Facebook Dynamic ads are next level stuff. It allows you to reach new customers and convert existing ones faster than before.

Let’s think about the way most people create ads. They might have the same few images, or just the one, being promoted time and time again until the world and his cat gets bored. We don’t even know if your audience really wants a pair of pink socks.

Imagine if there was a way to showcase an inventory of items from your website as an ad when people have already visited your website or interacted with one of your assets? And yes, it was the collection of gold glitter socks, not the pink ones you think are hot.

Well, this exists with Dynamic ads!

It really takes things up a notch and automates your campaigns to a degree.

Before you get all giddy and swoon with excitement make sure that you have your Facebook pixel installed and know a bit about Standard events which you can find here.

Dynamic ads look just like single image ads, collection ads or carousel ads found on Facebook and Instagram. Instead of having to create the ad individually for each item in your whole inventory (a logistical nightmare if you have 1000 sock options), you can create an ad template which automatically or dynamically pulls images and details from your catalogue.

To unlock this bad boy, it can be found the Catalogue Sales Objective at the campaign level, but it will only work if you have set up your product catalogue.

Your product catalogue and feeds need to be correctly set up and regularly updated against certain attributes needed for the dynamic ads to work. The must-have pieces of information you need is:-

  • Product image (high quality)
  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Content ID (Your product SKU)
  • Website link
  • Price

If you have less than 50 items this can be uploaded manually but if you have more than 50, I recommend you do this automatically or else you will be doing it forever.

Once you’ve added all of your products, you can group them into product sets. For example, if you are a clothing store, it might be grouping by dresses, shirts, skirts, jumpers etc.

So when someone visits a certain section on your website, ie, dresses, they will be served a dynamic ad which shows the product group “dresses” rather than a random item like a belt from your collection.

If you want to update your product catalogue yourself, more help can be found here:

Shameless plug alert: Or else drop me a message at my agency Light Tree Lead Gen and we can assist you with this! Message us here

The real beauty of Dynamic ads is in the name. They’re dynamic meaning they change based on what someone has viewed or it shows your catalogue related to their interests.

That means not only is it a beast at retargeting, you can also use broad targeting to reach an audience who has not interacted with your brand before.

The conclusion is this: if you’re in e-commerce and you want to step up your game when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads, don’t sleep on Dynamic Ads.

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