I have worked with many clients and have been asked the same thing; how do I get the most out of tweeting and gain a following on social media? I dislike the word ‘rules’ as some techniques work more effectively for others and it can be subjective, but I will share my tips with you so that you can tweet like a pro! Go you!


Adapt your tweets to your audience; if your tweet reads like a tome from a financial newspaper and your audience is teenagers looking for fashion tips, you will have a hard time gaining friends and influencing people!


The best thing about Twitter is that it never stops! You can tweet at any time and there are so many Tweets being sent at any one time, but how do you attract you potential customers actively using social media? Consider the time of day you send out your messages; it may be in the morning as people commute to work, midday during their breaks or in the evening when they are at home and have time to read messages, but again that depends on your audience. Peak times for interaction are usually midweek in the evening and at weekends so you may want to focus around those times if that is suitable for your business.


With the many tweets being sent out at any one time you need eye-catching content which is original, relevant and direct. I would personally not encourage clickbaiting, unless it is true that a certain celebrity has a scandal that is verified and you must share it with the world…otherwise you will just end up annoying the world and his gerbil. You may become infamous on social media for the wrong reasons!

Colourful visuals work great and catch the eye, so adding pictures with captions or memes to them have high interaction rates. There are also some brilliant gifs which cleverly convey the message in a few seconds, you may go very far with those.


The purpose of a twitter hashtag is to help find a certain topic in a Twitter search and it can be a great thing! You can use it to follow or join in trending topics, have others follow and attract attention to your tweets or even have your own dedicated one if you require your audience to interact with you for a campaign, for example. Use this sparingly, nobody wants to #read #sentences #that #look #like #this #as #it #is #annoying. And always ensure that your hashtag is relevant to your message and you understand the intended audience. There are so many horror stories of where is has gone totally wrong, the hashtag was inappropriately used and caused offence or made a company a laughing-stock around the web. The cautionary tale of #susanalbumparty always evokes a giggle!


There have been a few times I see a tweet that has caught my eye and when I click the link, it’s a broken link or a link to something completely irrelevant! The seconds I’ve wasted and been frustrated that I could not read what looked like potentially great content. It’s good practice to double check that your link is the intended one.

As twitter is limited to 140 characters, you can shorten the links using ‘Goole URL Shortener’ or ‘Bitly URL shortener’ (there are others and they all do the same thing). I’ve found these invaluable and highly recommend this technique.


Social media, strange as it seems, is actually meant to be social! Gasp! So it is perfectly ok to interact with your audience as long as you are not insulting them and threatening violence! People like to know that there is a human at the other end and not just a robot spitting out bars every few hours.

Some people use Twitter as a platform to directly complain, but this can be turned into a positive as it will be seen that you are proactively dealing with an issue showcasing your fantastic customer service! Nothing like positive PR!


I can never stress this enough, how important it is to analyse your tweets, or any of your social media efforts no matter which platform. As Twitter Analytics is free as easy to use so there is no excuse! Always analyse all your hard work! You can see which tweets evoked the most responses and plan similar in the future. Even better when you tweet about that not to be missed sale you have on of that dress I have been looking at…

What techniques work for you? Do you have any more you could add or a method that works every single time?

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