I’ve previously written 6 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Be Using and yes, it is still very relevant! As you know, the world of social media is ever evolving, and platforms emerge and evolve with breakneck speed, whoa!

After coming across my article, Ghergich reached out and reminded me that businesses should also consider using Snapchat. They are right, this is not to be ignored!

In the UK I understand that a lot of small to medium businesses are peering into the precipice and wondering if it is right for them. The simple answer is yes, if this is where your idea audience is, what better platform to spread your message to them. Don’t forget Snapchat also has geo-location capabilities so a local store could take advantage of opening day for example. Snapchat for marketing is gaining traction very quickly, and your business can be leading the way!

Below is the infographic to their article which gives a great introduction into the world of Snapchat. What do you think? Are you already using Snapchat for marketing? Let me know!


(Infographic reproduced with permission)


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