With so many media platforms out there and no hard and fast rules, it is very easy to become overwhelmed and become bogged down with the detail, or promise the world on a stick and deliver nothing with any substance. Take a deep breath, step back and take it back to basics. The more uncomplicated things are the more impact they have when they finally land. Clients do not choose to work with a social media consultant to become confused and frustrated trying to translate any recommendations! I have listed some main points if you are new to this to help keep focus while you are developing your own style of working

Write a list

Not to sound methodical or bore the socks off anyone, but I found the writing of a list very helpful not to get me overwhelmed and the feeling of crossing off the task when completed gave me a great sense of satisfaction! Included on my list was the steps I was going to take right in the embryonic stage; setting up emails, domains, linking all my social media…it was all on there! Having it stare me in the face was a sure-fire way all my good thinking put into practice and I’m not scrabbling around like a lost landed squid.

What do I want to offer?

Social media consultancy, yes? One thing I have learned is that some clients definitely expect you to provide the silver bullet to vanquish the werewolf and bring back the villagers to sample their tasty wares and they will make lots of money. In theory, yes, this is the very ideal scenario but in practice it takes some work. No two business is the same and what works for one may not work for another. I have found that it takes time and consistency to build awareness around businesses, and sometimes it happens faster to others.

I’ve always vowed that I would work with clients not for clients, and together we would come up with a plan using their knowledge and my experience to make a strategy specifically tailored to their needs.

All about the strategy

This has probably been done to death already, and I will cover this in more detail in a later blog, but I find the main key to getting things off is to have a great strategy in place. It’s always good practice to probe the client to find out what they actually want to get from the social media, which social media platforms they are currently using, looking at outside influences which could diminish or enhance sales (current trends, weather related, public holidays, social events etc.), even the company culture. From this I am able to put a current and forward plan into place in detail taking advantage of all these points. It is also important to stress that social marketing is very fluid, and to allow room for fluidity.

Analyse those results

All the hard work has been done, and you want to show your client that the work you put in is delivering results. It’s all about ‘taking them with you’ and they understand the awareness around their business and are able to comprehend and justify any peaks around campaigns. Whether it is the metrics, analytics, SEO, best practice is to share the good news. The client should hopefully then see the conversion into cold, hard sales. This in turn may get you a recommendation to other businesses within their realm.

Network, network, network!!

This is probably one of the most important points here. The more you network and get yourself out there, the more exposure you get for you and what you can offer. Potential clients respond better to face to face rather than impersonal mail shots or speculative phone calls. Attend business networking events and seminars, insist meeting clients to discuss what you do and what you can offer, find out what is happening in your immediate circle of friends and if they have businesses themselves, great!

There are so many other points to list and everyone has their unique style. It would be great to hear what others do or add any equally important points.

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