Freelancing can be a lonely life. I sometimes sit and daydream of doing the tea run, gossiping around the water cooler, endless high fives and ‘You the man!’ when things go right! Ok, the last bit is my imagination of what MY perfect team would do, but it all reminded me of working in a team, the best bits and how to be an effective team player or MVP….and I am not talking minimal viable product!

One Team Approach

Teams should always have the same goal in mind. There is no point working as a team if you all have different end goals, it just makes life hard. Be the one to champion that goal and keep others on track. If someone on the team is struggling, instead of letting them drown, help where and however you can. If you just keep your head down and not look toward activities for the wider team, it gets noticed very quickly.

Positive Commitment

One of my favourite words! Its great when a plan comes together, but even more so if a decision has been made as a team and everyone collectively signs up for it. Do not be that person who will only commit to decisions if its only to your own benefit and interest.

Love What You Do

Behaviour within teams are infectious. If you have worked in a negative environment you will know how uncomfortable and negative you may have been feeling whilst at work. If you remain positive and upbeat, then chances are the team will be positive and upbeat, and most important of all, its a leadership skill! I know that bit will make you pay attention!

Positive Relationships

This plays a big part of what I do today. Imagine going to a networking event to build up business, meet new clients and generally showcase to the world what a wonderful person you are. You turn up to that event and spend the entire evening sat in the corner on your own engrossed on your mobile, on Twitter no doubt and eating your weight in cocktail sausages. Very few people would class that as a successful evening!

In order to make meaningful links with people, you need to build and maintain positive relationships with people. Across teams and even with wider teams this is important to help and ensure set goals are carried through.

Sharing Information

There is a reason why people flock to and want to be with that person in the office that seems to know everything, and is patient enough to explain procedures. Its nice to share, as we were taught as youngsters, and sharing knowledge helps the team work more effectively and builds trust and overall team spirit. It also means the load can be lightened if more than one person is able to do the job ensuring everyone leaves the office on time! Fist-pump!

This is one of the main reasons why I do what I do. I love it, I love meeting people, and I love to share my knowledge and experience. Writing these blogs are also an outlet in which I can do this and more. Think of it as my gift to the world!

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