A short one from me this week, but a recent experience compelled me to write this.

I love coffee. Even more so I like to sometimes disappear to a coffee shop in order to catch up with work, watch the world go by or hide from the world when it gets a bit too much and to make it better only a hit of caffeine will do.

When sitting in my local coffee shop I happened to overhear a meeting. And it was painful! An IT consultant was bidding for a clients’ business and explaining his recommendations in solving an issue. In short, he may as well have been speaking in Japanese! I have never heard so much jargon! Even the client looked bored and in his head he would rather be booking his next holiday.

In my job, I do find that in order for some consultants to look knowledgeable to the outside world, the more complicated words that they use the more experienced they seem, but they seem to forget that the client is often NOT knowledgeable and needs things explained simply. This is the reason why a professional is hired in the first place, no?

It is important to gain the trust and commitment of the client to build the relationship to deliver great results. Who knows, this might just be the start of a great friendship!

The 3 tips I always use in order to build client relationship are

  • Keep communication clear and simple, whether this be verbal or written. Do not be overly complex or confusing.

  • Adapt style to suit clients. Some may need more help and understanding than others or even very demanding. It turns into a complete nightmare if the clients needs or feelings are ignored.

  • Use knowledge to gain commitment of others. I extend this beyond my clients by sharing info on my blogs or other platforms. It looks greedy to not share knowledge. Not a good look!

Let me know what your top tips are to build relationships. Do you do the same as myself? Or do you have a tried and tested fail-safe method?

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