Let’s face it, we have all had days when the stuffing has been knocked out of us and all we want to do is hibernate forever on the sofa with rum and raisin ice cream and Breaking Bad box-set. Chasing ‘likes’ and seeing disappointing Facebook page engagements when you have spent so long cultivating the perfect campaign is hard work! If this is where you are now, have been before or want to arm yourself with tips to keep you determined and committed, read on.

Passion and Commitment

This may be hard to conjure when under pressure and both energy and enthusiasm is lacking. A way to get around this is to visualise an end goal. What do you hope to achieve? What would the rewards look like? Can you even build or improve upon what you are currently doing? From that point you can work out the steps needed to get to that goal making it clearer for you and getting that drive backstage.

It may also be helpful to set yourself a time-scale for this end goal. This will keep the momentum going and stop you procrastinating and putting it off forever!

Take Responsibility

‘When you choose your behaviour, you choose your consequences’. Well said Dr. Phil! This sums up the attitude you go forth with and will determine the result. If you take responsibility and react to any issues you face, it is likely you will see yourself out of that bind. It might be taking a course, keeping on top of new platforms or simply just tweaking current plans to steer on a different course. Sitting back and playing the victim and blaming others or something else is not cool!

Show Tenacity

Tenacious people are usually stubborn, and tend to get their own way. The most tenacious people I know are children. They do not call it pester power for no reason! In order to get that toy they want they beg and beg, sometimes adjusting it to the audience, but they never give in!

Now, I’m not suggesting you revert back to a toddler like status! But when faced with an issue you need to be stubborn and consistent with determination to fix it. Avoiding it and running away will not make it go away. Trust me

Take Calculated Risks

You don’t know unless you try, right? Think of what the world would be like if nobody took calculated risks. Boring!

It might be that chance you take is the springboard to success or even the next best thing. You alone are master of your own destiny. Now go forth and use your powers for good.

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