Let’s be honest, in the good old days and even more so now great customer service is so important. I have found a majority of my clients come to me through recommendation of others. The old adage runs true; give someone good customer service and they tell a few people, but if its bad they tell the world, his wife, the dog and the hamster. I know which camp I want to be in! And in the world of social media, its important to stand out. As well as knowing your stuff, the human side is very, very, VERY important!

There are a few things I always do when working with clients to make it a pleasant interaction and they are always getting the very best. And let’s be honest, they deserve the very best!!

Understanding Your Clients

This is crucial! You must always understand your clients better than anyone! It’s sometimes easy to get lost in translation especially if the customer knows nothing about social media, may be nervous around it and may need that extra help. In order to understand your client; listen, repeat and plan. Listen to their needs, repeat back to them what they had said so you can check understanding and plan together around that. Collaborations when done right produce something A-mazing! Think coke and fries!

Delivers Cost Efficiency

Before implementing anything with my clients I always ask what end result they want to gain from my services before I make up a plan especially tailored to their needs and budget. It is vital that I listen to what they are saying and make suggestions where necessary and not steam-roll ahead to what I think they may want. What I am implementing also has to have benefit to their business, add value and they get their monies worth. Yes, my time costs, but when paying for my time the client understands and signs off before any action. There is no point adding pretty sparkly singing unicorns to the website and insisting this is on all business cards because it looks ‘nice‘.

Tracks Competitors/New Technology

This is no way as sinister as it sounds! I’m all for sharing information with people, it’s why its social, not sitting there like a hermit! And sharing is caring šŸ™‚

To be on top of your game invest time to look and learn about the new trends, who the movers and shakers are, and even if there is anyone you would like to collaborate with. Social media is ever-changing and very fluid, and to stay in one place and not evolve will take you out of the game fast.

Responds Positively To Feedback

All feedback is great! The good, the bad and the ugly. It lets you know when you are doing something right, and if it is wrong, you can change it.

The key is to respond positively to it all. If someone says something nice, thank them! If its negative, you can turn this around by addressing and resolving their needs as quickly as possible. Always be available at all times, there is nothing worse than if someone is angry and you are away skipping the light fantastic and nobody can get hold of you. We all know how irritating this is!

Those are just a few things I do when working with others. You can shape your own PR and how others view your business. Own it!

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