Imagine you are a top social media consultant (which I’m sure, you may well be). One day, your campaign for a big client, out of the blue worked. And it worked incredibly well indeed. You have 1,000,000+ likes on Facebook and those ‘likes’ converted into record sales for the company. As a result you land a bigger account with the same company, complete with all the accolades, and they want you to conjure that trick again. Are you able to quantify why it worked in the first place? Could you build a whole business strategy using it?

Mentally I am face-palming when I hear stories of social media activity taking place but the analytics ignored and no reporting done whatsoever. When something really works, I have seen instances where sometimes there is no understanding behind it, it’s merely repeated in the confidence it will work again. Sometimes it does, and that’s great! But when it does not, the fall out is worse than when Zayn Malik left One Direction.

There are so many tools out there which you can use, it is a matter of preference. The end goal is that you understand why it worked and you are enabled to make clear decisions with evidence suggesting where the client should look for future opportunities, or incorporate your findings into their future business plans.

Processing information

You should be able to take in information quickly and accurately. The world of social media is fast paced. One moment something is hot and the next minute (literally) it bears a big L sign on its head. Usually there is a lot going on but the key is to ensure that the important and actionable information is prioritised and the things that can be dropped, “let it goooo…” (Frozen moment!). Stick to the original plan of what you want to get out of running social media projects. Being overwhelmed by the information can quickly leave you in a fix.


The best social media consultants I’ve met usually work to a formula. The systems may change but they know how to get the best out of any campaign. Want to know the secret? They never assume and explore. They will look into why an action worked and research accordingly. If the idea didn’t work, that won’t put them off! They are already thinking about how they are going to make it bigger and better. They will careful with the analysis to make sure they are ever improving on current practices.


I am not talking about jettisoning yourself off into the sunset away from civilisation itself, but good practice is to work independently and confidently. YOU are the expert, this is why you were chosen for the role. Where a challenge arises, propose solutions and make the decisions based on a quick and accurate understanding of the information in front of you. To me, that’s where the fun is!

With so many different ways to collate the analytics than ever before, there is no excuse why you should not ever incorporate it into your plans as a matter of habit.

Let me know your techniques or even any hints or tips you may have.

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