Lead Traffic Control Academy

Connect with your audience faster online to build a business you are crazy in love with!

For dynamic go-getting female entrepreneurs who are ready for the endless opportunities to be unveiled when they say “Yes” to stepping up and being visible

Want to command

a consistent flow of dream clients online without being drained of hours upon hours scrolling and trawling through endless platforms?


(Yippie-ki-yay! There is a way!)

Activating explosive results for your marketing: Starting in...








I bet you….


  • Are overwhelmed by the multitude of platforms and don’t know the best way to start


  • Are already posting all day, every day, on different platforms like a person posessed! Yeah every one promises to put you in front and centre to the gaze of your audience but all you get are tumbleweeds


  • Spend time wondering how the person next to you is showing up EVERYWHERE, and they are showing no signs of collapsing with exhaustion


  • Feel as though your head will explode with all the “Gurus” telling you in order to get your clients every single day you have to: post x20 on Facebook, publish x3 blogs, upload x7 videos, post x1000 times on Instagram using only the best shots of yourself posing in front of landmarks, expensive cars, and talking into your mobile looking ultra busy


  • Spend days…weeks or even months building and tweaking your strategy but somehow always find yourself comparing yourself to someone else. And for some reason, their strategy looks a whole lot better?? Like what the actual?….You then rip it up, start again and carry on…until the next time you find yourself comparing


  • Want to scream because marketing is just another full time job. You’re too busy trying to “fix” and “add-on” to your strategy it’s beginning to resemble Frankenstein’s monster. And act like it.


  • Have built it, done a truck load of work but still the traffic is not coming and you have nothing to show for all the time and effort you have put in

Sound familiar? Yup? Well I’ve been there too. With all the


details, details. So many pointless details! Not too mention those “rules”. I know that you’re so over all this wishy-washy, vague information and all you want it to be led the way and shown HOW.

And that is not an unreasonable request. You have a business to explode!

When I started my business I wanted to be everywhere and do everything to give myself maximum exposure.

Truth is I was spreading myself thin and diluting my message and efforts.

It wasn’t until I had to wake up and stop blindly following what the “Gurus” said I needed to be doing.

Easy for them right? They usually have a big team doing the work on their behalf and huge budget behind them.

I needed to make a decision and take a stand that the quality of content always wins over quantity.

In a short space of time I had built several successful online businesses and even attracted the attention from Ebay UK and Zazzle.Com, gained a spot in one of the highest level marketing masterminds and become a business writer specialising in digital strategies with my articles featured on Google and Yahoo News.





Lead Traffic Control Academy

I’m so excited about this! Crack open the champagne, roll out the carpet and strike up the fanfare!

Introducing for the first time…

A LIVE 8 week implementation and accountability program designed to help you build your business by reaching your audience FASTER and on demand online designed to help you support the areas to hit your income goals and build a livelihood you L.O.V.E!

And this is where you need to be if you want

  • Increased levels of consistent income so you can say YES to more opportunities in your business and in life
  • Your presence and influence in your niche to be recognised immediately, with connections and community clear on who you are and what you do.
  • A system which will free up time to give you freedom to finally live the life you want

If you know your online marketing strategy needs to be taken up to a higher level, you won’t want to miss this!

What you get

  • 8 full, action packed weeks full of live implementation
  • Direct access to me to walk you through the process, have my eyes on your progress and real-time feedback and support
  • Weekly trainings with a mix of audio, PDF’s and workbooks
  • Daily accountability and support in a private forum
  • Templates, scripts, roleplay, lists and more
  • Not to mention your masterpiece of a strategy mapped out leaving you FINALLY run your business!

Module 1 - Roadmap To Success

  • Before we embark on your epic journey to nail your strategy we will be setting goals which are authentic to you and your values

  • We will break it down into manageable chunks so you have instant clarity in confidently going toward the direction you desire breaking down those worries of self-doubt, procrastination and overwhelm

Module 2 - Find + Connect

  • The key to attracting your audience is intimately knowing who you serve and where to find them online.

  • I will share with you my secret weapon of how I build up a unique customer avatar taking the headache out of deliberating the perfect person to tailor your message to AND how to pinpoint where they are online in less than an hour.

Module 3 - Constant Content Creation

  • Time to start putting together your strategy which will make your audience sit up and pay attention and hungry to know more!

  • We will plan your weekly routines in order for you to learn and do more of what resonates with your audience.

  • We also look at strategies to leverage and grow your routine so it works FOR you and does not become a full-time job.

Module 4 - Building Know, Like, Trust

  • Discover how to effectively plan and deliver content which will set you up as an influencer in the minds of your audience.

  • Learn my favourite way of setting up my content across my platforms on autopilot whilst still engaging with my audience but giving me time to work on my business. You will LOVE this one!

Module 5 - List Building Strategies

  • Anyone can build a list, but not everyone can build a list of raving fans ready to buy and consume your content!

  • We will dive into learning how to list build with authority and a real strategy driving the activities (what to include, how often to email and what to say for massive engagement.

  • Plus how we can plan events into your calendar to get a consistent stream of buyers

Module 6 - Setting Yourself Apart

  • Time to discover how to stand out from the crowd by crafting messages which speaks directly TO your audience and make it clear why they should buy from YOU above everyone else

  • We look at various social media platforms, emails and website to address their pain points and positioning yourself as the BEST solution to serve them with what they desire.

Module 7 - Traffic Control

  • Craft simple sales funnels to take your clients through your unique journey from opt-in to your package to turn those browsers into buyers.

  • We will learn EXACTLY how to put together an irresistible opt-in that your audience cannot ignore.

  • Nurturing your buyers will be a a breeze as we go through how to put all the different parts together with impact to drive your message home in less time

Module 8 - Let's Grow!

  • All the weekly modules lead to this! It’s now time to put into practice the strategies you have been learning

  • We are planning your very own campaign to bring you leads and sales and I will be walking you through what I did this time last year to set me up for a £17k month in January

And that’s not all!


Promotion of your future campaign! I will promote your offers to my community. Priceless! 

Group 90 Day Marketing planning workshop with me at the end of the program. Worth $697 

 14 Ways To Generate Cash Into Your Business TODAY. Worth $97 

 Signature System Creation. Worth $997 


ALL THIS IS YOURS FOR ONLY $497 when you sign up today. 3 instalments of $166 is also available.


If you are looking for more accountability, more 1:1 support and my eyes on your business, go VIP!!


**5 Spots Only**



Everything mentioned above is yours…but you get EXTRA


  • At the start of the program, you get 60 minutes with me where we look at your current marketing strategies and Fast Cash Income Generation

  • For the remainder of the 2 months, you get 2 (1 per month) 60 minute 1:1 sessions where we master your marketing strategy skills

  • x2 group monthly catch-ups for high level mastermind (where I share additional advanced strategies) with the support of the other VIPs (private Facebook group included)

  • Daily accountability and support via Voxer (Mon-Fri)

Go VIP for $997 or 2 payments of $499

Hi! I’m Sheryl,


Founder of Light Tree Media and Creator of Strive to Success Summit.

Over the past 3 years, I have built 8 online businesses specialising in marketing and driving lot’s of traffic!

I’m always investing in my craft: I’m a business writer for Business 2 Community, a member of an exclusive marketing mastermind and I know how to attract the attention of the big players!

I am bringing to you over a decade worth of experience working corporately within retail and marketing, building and running a successful marketing agency and creating my online businesses which have attracted the attention of Ebay UK and Zazzle.com within a week of launch. 

My motto: “Take as many women with me as possible” means I am always helping my clients do the same.

This All Sounds Great But…

When do the classes start and how does it work?
We kick-off week commencing 27th November. This is a live program where you will have access to modules via a portal and reminder emails sent weekly. You will have training recordings of the modules plus materials, and a live catch up once a week. You also get access to me daily in a forum where I will be on hand for that all important accountability and support.
How long do I have access to the content?
It’s lifetime access!
I'm new to business. Is this for me?
Now is the perfect time to start this course! The sooner you lay foundations and good practices in place you are better positioned for success as this will give you a head-start over most entrepreneurs.
What makes this program different from all the others?

Most programs out there only provide pre-recorded sessions, a few worksheets with little (if you’re lucky!) to no support if you hot a block. This program is LIVE. This means you have direct access to me if you are stuck or need further guidance. The sessions are also live and are adapted to the needs of the group.

As well as being live, we will actually be “in the trenches” implementing strategies, and actually working IN your business, so it’s not just theory wth you sitting there passively.

The best part is the accountability. We set goals and slay them!

Is there 100% guarantee this will work?

Nothing is ever guaranteed, and I will not be doing you any favours to mislead you and promise you overnight success and riches.

What I can promise is what I teach will work as hard as you work. I will provide all the resources, the hottest strategies, years of experience and support that you need. As long as you are prepared to put the time and effort and take accountability for your success, the sky is the limit.

Will the live catch up calls be recorded?

Absolutely! If for some reason you cannot make the live session (and I do insist you do to get the most out of the program), there is an opportunity to catch up.

You may even want to go over a session again to embed your understanding and to make sure you have not missed any steps.

What if I have any further questions?
You can never ask too many questions! Please reach out to me directly via email: sheryl@lighttreemedia.co.uk. I will aim to answer you within 24 hours on a weekday
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