How To Audit Your Facebook Business Page to Generate Increased Engagement and Leads Using This Simple Cheat Sheet

The 7 step framework to position your Facebook business page to hero status in a day or less





  • Are you blindly posting on Facebook and getting little to no engagement?

  • Is your Facebook page a drain on your time and resources? Time and resources that could be better spent growing your business! 

  • When you look at other Facebook business pages do you wonder why it seems to be working for them and not you?

  • Is your page looking dated and tired but you are unsure how to update it and make your dream customers sit up and take notice?

  • Do you wish you could have guidance to get your page to be a strong piece of your marketing and working for you?

I’m Sheryl, a social media and marketing consultant and my passion is developing social media strategies designed to make an impact..

I work with small companies, entrepreneurs and one-man bands specialising in developing outstanding social media strategies. My mission is to help those companies and individuals give value and create meaningful relationships with customers which leads to conscious purchasing decisions from the buyer.

I’m always testing (and sometimes breaking) social media platforms, techniques and processes to see what works and gets SEEN. Within a month of launching a niche website Ebay UK and found it and wanted to be featured on my website. The amazing thing; I did this with with no ad budget or connections!


  • The 7 step, easy to complete audit which you can finish in a day or less so that your page is fully optimised and standing out for those important engagement and leads even if you are not a wizard on Facebook and you have the most obscure business ever (trust me, this works for everyone!)

  • Discover why choosing your correct category matters and how it can unlock your business services to showcase your BEST offers or promotions. Attract browsers on your page toward them like wasps to a lollypop on a hot day.

  • How to increase your visibility by completing these simple steps most businesses ignore but YOU cannot afford to as this can help you to stand out and get ahead of the competition. Start shining like a star!


Sheryl supported the children’s centre in revitalising their Facebook page and identified areas to be developed within the website and social media accounts. She was able to explain clearly the steps to make changes and gave staff confidence to try new things.

Hannah Isher

Head of Tenterfield Nursery School and Welwyn and Knebworth Children's Centre Group, Children's Centre Gov UK

Sheryl has been absolutely marvellous and amazing with what she has done and I would have not done half of the things she added to my strategy.

Ann Nolan

Business owner and Osteopath, Nolan Osteopathic Clinic

Light Tree Media has been a lightbulb wake up call. Sheryl has been a tremendous help in growing my business. As a business owner I had the ideas but wasn’t sure how to push them out strategically to my audience. Thank you for all your hard work, I now feel I am on the right path!

Malaika Mwaniki

Founder and Owner, Dedstyling