Hey! I’m Sheryl

Why, hello there!

You’ve found the part of the website where you can dig around a little and get to know me.

By day I’m a certified Facebook & Instagram Ads consultant and Ad Agency owner where I and my team specialise in eCommerce. The rest of my life is governed by ruling over a crazy household consisting of 3 boys and a man child.

I’m not a sorceress, a magic fairy, a miracle worker, nor do I hold that elusive magic potion (if you do, send it my way!). But what I DO know is my sh*t; Facebook & Instagram ads, and how to monetise from it. 

Before that, I spent over a decade working with some of the biggest retailers in the world in Marketing and Merchandising.

But after a while, that soon lost its sparkle.

I always knew I wanted to do more. 

After a pivotal moment of my mind going blank and seeing my work life flash before my eyes during an appraisal… “So Sheryl, where do you see yourself in the business in 5 years time?”

Certainly NOT staying chained at my desk being a “suit” all my life.

I knew then my time in the rat-race was over.

From the time I decided to go it alone in the big wide world, I’ve started 8 online businesses and successfully works with global brands and individuals all over the world providing Facebook & Instagram Ads services and marketing strategies.

I’ve also been able to set myself apart from all the other “experts” as someone who genuinely knows her stuff by being granted a badged Facebook Ad Consultant status, woohoo!!

Fun Facts about me

🧀 I’m lactose intolerant but LOVES cheese. It never ends well

👟 I’m obsessed with trainers/sneakers and have a big collection

🐽 I snort when I laugh

💪 I love 80s action movies and met Arnold Schwarzenegger (I almost passed out from excitement!)

🎬 My favourite film of all time is Terminator 2

😉 My personality type is ENTJ-A

If you want to know more about me, I occasionally drop legendary strategies and show random updates of my life, follow me on Instagram and Facebook.